GameStop’s Exclusive Guitar Hero Axe Will Shred In Style

Activision’s Rock installments have been taking the stage to the gamer in their living rooms since they took charge of the franchise in 2006.  It looks like the publisher understands that shredding won’t be as entertaining if you can’t shred in style.  And with GameStop’s exclusive axe design for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, you’ll not want to pass this one up.

For this round of Guitar Hero, Activision has actually come to the realization that rockin’ out on a small sized guitar just might seem a bit silly.  This time, they plan to release a newer design that will be a 1:1 scale of a life-sized rock guitar (about time!).  The newer design will also allow the player to remove the wings on the guitar to swap them out for custom pieces.  With GameStop’s exclusive guitar body, you’ll definitely want to take the time to make the swap.  The edges alone, look like they could cut meat.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be bringing you 90 new tracks (some revealed at E3) to thrash with your new controller.  Expect to rock out to this record as it hits the streets this 28th of September.