GameStop Adds Two New Marvel’s Spider-Man Statues to Its Exclusive Collection of Figures

This year, GameStop is adding two new Marvel’s Spider-Man figures to its collection of exclusive merchandise. The new products come from Diamond Select Toys. Spider-Man dons his white-spider suit in one of the figurines, which will hit GameStop stores next week on January 8th. A second figure sees Spidey dressed in the Spider-Punk outfit. It’s slated to release in a few weeks on February 7th. Both statues cost $49.99 and are currently available for preorder on the retailer’s website.

The white-spider suit statue stands approximately nine inches in height. It features the web-slinger perched atop a New York City cab, which serves as the figure’s diorama. What makes this particular cab especially worthy of note is its Daily Bugle signage. According to the product’s GameStop listing, it will come packaged inside of a “full-color window box.”

With the Spider-Punk figure, fans will pick up something a little smaller in size, since the statue stands seven inches tall. This figure seems just as detailed as its counterpart, though. Spider-Punk is depicted with his guitar strapped across his shoulder. The diorama he stands on sees him surrounded by barbed wire. Fans should expect the statue to come packaged in a box similar to the white-spider collectible.

Get a closer look at both of figures in the following image gallery:

Well over a year out from the game’s release and Marvel’s Spider-Man merchandise has yet to hit a standstill. Given the game’s continued success, it’s no wonder. As of this past September, it was ranked as the best-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive in the United States.

[Source: GameStop]