inFamous 2: Only Possible on the PS3

According to latest news, Naughty Dog has been directly assisting Sucker Punch Productions with the development of one of the most anticipated upcoming PS3 titles, inFamous 2. Sucker Punch employees have claimed their upcoming sequel will triumph the last installment and push the PlayStation 3 hardware to its limits, so much in-fact that it may very well be only possible on the PlayStation 3.

During an interview with Play magazine, Chris Zimmerman from Sucker Punch Productions proclaimed that inFamous 2 will not only be pushing the hardware of the PS3, but is only possible on the PS3. Zimmerman said the following:

“If you look at games like Uncharted 2 that’s a game that you actually can’t do on Xbox no matter how clever you are, there’s just more processing power on the PS3. inFamous 2 is going to be the same way. You’ll look at it and see that there’s no way we could have done this game on 360.”

This isn’t the first time that a development team has stated that their game is only possible on PlayStation 3’s high-capability hardware. Killzone 2 and God of War III are just two examples of games that have released exclusively on the PS3 and have raised the bar for console technicality. The latest footage of inFamous 2 is absolutely fantastic and with more than six months left until release, there is no doubt that it’ll become a staple 2011 title similar to how Uncharted 2 was last year.