Exclusive: Deep Dive Into Evasion’s Warden Class, The Tank

Throughout the month of August, we’ll be bringing you an exclusive look at Archiact’s Evasion, a cooperative bullet-hell FPS in VR. We teamed up with the developer to get access to in-depth information on each of the four classes in Evasion. We’ll dive into their strengths, abilities, and even some of the lore behind how they fit into the Vanguard. Archiact gave us a look at the Striker, Engineer, and Surgeon over the last three weeks, while today will dive into the Warden, a tank class that will take damage in order to keep your team alive/

Check out the Striker profile, look at the Engineer, and get a glimpse of the Surgeon.

If you need a refresher, take a look at the Vanguard as a whole, Evasion’s top-tier combat unit. Otherwise you can skip down to the section titled “Warden” to see what this tank class is all about. This profile is once again courtesy of Evasion’s Narrative Designer Peter Boychuk.

Phoenix Rising: The Origin of the Vanguard

After the Slaughter of Ajax Six, when a entire regiment was decimated during the First Optera War, Terran High Command realized the futility of using shock and awe tactics against a foe who could instantly teleport huge numbers of troops over vast distances.

archiact Evasion Warden class

A decision was made to assemble an elite team that could swiftly mobilize to hot spots and operate behind enemy lines. Because they would be working with little to no tactical support, this team would be comprised of the top recruits and would receive the best training and equipment.

They called them the Vanguard.

Four Classes

Initially, there were no separate classes of Vanguard. However, as Command began using them more and more (which resulted in their missions becoming increasingly multivalent) the need for areas of specialization became apparent, so the Vanguard was broken into four classes: Striker, Surgeon, Warden, and Engineer.

archiact Evasion Warden class

Choose Your Path

Each hero class has unique avatars, custom armor, a distinct energy shield, a specific blaster variant with a powerful charge shot, class-specific tether abilities and a special Surge Attack.

Unlike many other shooters, players in Evasion aren’t locked into one class. At any point between missions, you can visit the hangar and select a different class.

The four classes have been designed to suit specific play styles. For example, players who like charging into the fray with guns blazing might find themselves gravitating to the Warden, while players who like playing more of a support role may prefer to play as a Surgeon. All classes can hold their own in a firefight and have an arsenal of deadly weapons at their disposal.


Wardens are the Vanguard’s answer to Heavy Infantry. Clad in Power Armour and outfitted with a shotgun blaster with plasma grenade launcher attachment, they are essentially a human heavy artillery unit.

archiact Evasion Warden Class

“Get Behind Me”

If you enjoy wading into the carnage and unloading weapons that can make the ground shake, the Warden is the class for you. They can take more damage than any other member of the Vanguard, and while they don’t have the firepower of the Striker, they do have a Surge Attack that provides some of the most satisfying fireworks in Evasion.

Goliath-Class Shotgun Blaster

The Warden’s preferred weapon is a magnum-caliber shotgun blaster that fires a powerful spread shot that is extremely effective at close range. When the Charge Shot is engaged, the grenade launcher attachments lobs plasma grenades that can take out multiple Optera.

archiact Evasion Warden Class

Tether Abilities

Like all classes, the Warden can create a tether that can be used to help teammates (Tether Link) or damage enemies (Tether Lash). The Warden’s Tether Link creates an energy transfer that bolsters a teammate’s defensive capabilities as it heals them. His Tether Lash yanks in the enemy to point-blank range, where the Warden can deliver a killshot that detonates outward, damaging any unlucky Optera caught in its wake.


Surge Attacks are the ultimate way to destroy Optera, and can only be triggered once your weapon has been sufficiently powered up.

The Warden’s Surge Attack is pure havoc. While his tether slows targets, the blaster goes fully automatic, slugging the enemy like a prizefighter. Every fourth shot, a plasma grenade with homing abilities is unleashed. “Morningstar” is a one-man heavy artillery strike.

archiact Evasion Warden Class

Walking Tank

Wardens are walking tanks built to work on the front line. If the Vanguard were a hockey team, Wardens would be the enforcers. They charge into the fray, clobbering opponents and taking hits for the team.

archiact Evasion Warden Class

Wardens pair well with any class, but tend to make a good duo with Surgeons. They’re the classic tank/healer combo. The Warden can rush in and take the damage while the Surgeon replenishes his health via Tether Link. Wardens and Strikers also make a powerful attack force. The Warden can lumber ahead while the Striker hangs back and makes precision hits.

Stay tuned! We may be bringing you an extra surprise in our exclusive coverage of Archiact’s Evasion for PSVR. Evasion releases on October 9, 2018.