Ubisoft Avoiding New IPs for the Next Few Years

Ubisoft has done a fine job producing solid new IPs so far this generation. H.A.W.X did reasonably well when it released over a year ago, and both Assassin’s Creed titles managed to create a cult-like following. However, the advent of increased development costs for games has led Ubisoft to stick to what’s already here instead of venturing out and creating new IPs.

While being interviewed, Alan Corre from Ubisoft Europe shared his cautious outlook on introducing new IPs this generation. When speaking with GI, Corre shared the following:

“…in this part of the cycle of the consoles, we are cautious now to introduce new brands. We’ll concentrate on the ones we have and make sure we bring them to the next level in terms of quality.”

New IPs have been a debacle within the gaming industry for the past few years due to disappointingly low sales from a handful of high-budget titles. Although R.U.S.E is only days away from release and is a new IP from Ubisoft, Corre stated that it’ll likely be the last new IP from the company this generation. Thankfully, with a new Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy, and Driver right around the corner, there should be plenty of content for Ubisoft to work with for the next few years