R.U.S.E. All Set for Release

July 28, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

RUSE, which was revealed early last year, has seen its fair share of setbacks and delays. Slated for release earlier this year Ubisoft had decided to delay it once again in order to incorporate changes that were brought about by the beta. Well today we get word on what hopes to be the actual release date.

RUSE is a WWII RTS and is all set to release this September. It was revealed at E3 that RUSE would be getting Move support, so most gamers thought that when it got delayed it would be seeing a simultaneous release with the Move on Sept 17th. Well looks like gamers will be able to get there hands on RUSE Sept. 10th a full week before the Move launches.

Now this looks to be just a European release date, so maybe the US will be seeing this released with the Move. As the release date grows closer we should here and exact release date for the rest of the markets, and hopefully no more delays.