Square Enix Team Revive Demo Discs

Long gone are the days of demo discs. For the past few years, online downloads have taken the industry by storm, and demos along with them. Square Enix on the other hand have plans to release a demo disc exclusively for PS3 owners.

According to Andriasang, Square Enix has announced a PlayStation 3 demo disc which will contain a variety of games. The games include Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days, Just Cause 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Trine the Lost Relic, Thexder and Crystal Defenders. Along with the demos are a variety of trailers from games such as Final Fantasy XIV as well as the demoed titles, all of which are in high-definition.

Unfortunately, the demo disc will only be available through the popular Japanese retailer Tsutaya or the infamous magazine Famitsu. The latest issue of Famitsu contains more details regarding how to enter the demo disc giveaway.