Bestbuy’s Plan to Beat Gamestop, Game Crazy at Their Own (Used) Game

August 8, 2009Written by Steven Garcia

bbysignRetailers Gamestop and Game Crazy have managed to maintain relevance despite facing a two front battle against  increasing competition and a market gravitating towards digital downloads.  Bestbuy’s latest strategy, however, could serve as the last nail in the coffin for both used-game giants.

The photo above, taken at a Bestbuy in West Jordan, Utah, reveals what seems to be Bestbuy’s latest effort to dethrone Gamestop and Gamecrazy from their reign over the used game market. Apparently, Bestbuy is currently testing an extension of their price matching policy which allows consumers to purchase new games at the same price Gamestop or Game Crazy sells them used.

Whether Bestbuy plans to expand this promotion to other regions is uncertain. However, with profit margins on software estimated to be anywhere between $4 and $10, we can’t help but wonder how much Bestbuy is willing to lose in their attempt to achieve a dominant position in the video game market. Likewise, how much is Gamestop or Game Crazy willing to risk to maintain their piece of the pie?