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Walmart Now Accepting Used Games

May 17, 2009Written by Kyle P.

Recently, reports have been circulating that Walmart may indeed be testing the used game trade-in market. The process, however, isn’t what you’d expect.

Instead of handing the game to a store employee, you’ll be submitting it into a machine. This process, as you may recall, is similar to the RedBox DVD rental machines. All you have to do is bring your desired game into the store, scan the barcode, turn it in, and voila. You’re finished!

However, the process still has its fair share of glitches. Numerous complaints have circulated, citing the inability for the scanner to read the barcode, or reporting that the game they want to trade in isn’t in the machine’s database.

No word yet on whether this is a direct shot at GameStop’s long-tenured dominance at the trade-in market, or just a meager attempt to raise some money. Anyone brave enough to try it out themselves?