The Boycott on Activision Begins

August 9, 2009Written by Dan Massi


When you piss off the gaming community, you have quite a large enemy. This time, the enemy is Activision and it’s CEO Robert Kotick. And when gamers get angry, you’ll be most likely be hit by a powerful storm of fury.

Posted yesterdayon N4G, this Youtube video cries out for a boycott against Activision.

“Help spread the word by letting other news outlets know about this video.

Also make sure Activision know exactly how you feel about Robert Kotick and he continual attempts to kill the gaming industry with his corporate fat cat decisions that hurt the consumer and original IP’s. You Mr Kotick are a douchebag!”


Then, a new N4G article rose in the comments, again asking to boycott the company. This one however, came with a petition, which quickly garnered over 1000 signatures. This article has seemed to disappear though, unfortunately.

The boycott may seem unjustified to some, but to many others, it seems perfectly fine. Activision raised the price of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in European regions, making it cost almost $100 USD. The company also jacked up the price of the PC Version to $59.99, instead of the usual $49.99.

Most of the blame on this boycott is by Activison’s CEO Bobby Kotick, who has made shortsighted statements as of late. The CEO first threatened to removed support from the PlayStation platform if Sony didn’t drop the price of the PlayStation 3, which seemed a tad hypocritical considering the high prices of their titles and collectors editions.


Another thing that irked gamers was Activision’s decision to file a lawsuit against Double Fine and EA for releasing Brutal Legend. The first time around, Activision claimed that they still owned the rights to Brutal Legend. However, this was obviously false as the title was dropped by Activision during their merger with Blizzard. The publisher also accused Double Fine of owing them development funds used for the project before it was kicked to the curb.

It’s no different than asking employees for cash right after firing them, but apparently this didn’t bother them. But thankfully, Activision withdrew their legal tirade in the end and said an agreement was made.

Will you be boycotting Activision? Post your comments below!