PS3 Review – Overlord 2


Overlord 2 is the sequel to Codemasters first game Overlord which was met with mixed reviews. With the sequel expanding on the first, can Overlord 2 excel where the first faltered? Or is this destined to be another rental only?

The story behind Overlord 2 is the original Overlord has been killed and his minions have been scattered. In the wake of a new powerful empire rising the minions search the land for a new Overlord. Their searches bring them to Norburg a quiet snowy village. Here they find an outcast boy that every one makes a fool of. His nickname is witch boy and his only friend is a young girl.

When the minions discover him they put him to the test to see if he will be the true overlord. They accompany him in chasing after the boys that made fun of him, and ultimately wreak havoc throughout the town. He finally finds his way to the Netherworld castle, the place where he will raise his empire.


The controls for Overlord work wonderfully. As in most games, the left stick moves you and the right stick moves the camera.  The right stick will also move your minions as well. When you want to move them to an area first hold up on the right stick, and once they start moving you can take them anywhere. This is a good tactic to take out enemies quickly.

Your other controls are all aimed towards controlling your minions. R1 is used to select individual classes. There are four different classes with each class having its own special ability, but more on that in a bit. Once you select R1 you can let go to select all minions or press one of the face buttons to choose a class. R2 is used to send your minions in whichever direction you are facing. Once sent your minions will attack enemies destroy crates and vases, lift statues and generally just cause havoc. Holding circle will call all minions back no matter what they are doing.

The minions are a gremlin like creature. They are dumb, yet loyal, and when you need something done they will gladly sacrifice themselves. Like stated above there are four types of minions that you will have to find to complete your tasks. The first are the browns, they are your fighters. They are the toughest and when moved with the right stick and are able to send enemies flying in the air when they collide. They are also able to ride wolves which give them more speed and allow them jump over wide gaps.