Over a Dozen Ways to Die in MAG

August 24, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


MAG, or Massive Action Game, was announced in 2008 during Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Due to the game achieving what was considered to be unachievable by providing a 256-player online competitive FPS environment, many have speculated that the game would be quantity over quality. And what better way to dispute that accusation than to host a public beta.

So far the beta has received a lot of positive feedback, so hopefully the quality has spoken for itself. However, the 256-player environment isn’t the only high-quantity element of the game. MAG will also be home to dozens of different weapons to choose from. Check out the list of weapons below:

    SVER: (17 TOTAL)

    AN-94: 30 rds, long rang Assault Rifle with low recoil and good stopping power.

    RPG: Rocket Launcher

    Bizon: 64 rds, Accurate SMG.

    PKP: 100 rds, Powerful LMG.

    SVD: 10 rds, Decent semi-auto sniper rifle.

    AEK-971: Accurate Russian Assault Rifle with VERY low recoil in Full Auto.

    M870: 8 rds, Standard Pump Shotgun.

    P90): 50 rds, Advanced SMG with low recoil.

    AK103: 30 rds, Accurate assault rifle that uses the old Ak47 round.

    Galil: 35 rds, A rugged assualt Rifle with decent accuracy.

    RPK: 75 rds, Standard LMG.

    Kriss Super V: 30 rds, An SMG that fires .45 cal and has low recoil.

    SV-98: 10 rds, Accurate Russian sniper rifle that can use a silencer.

    M82A3: 10 rds, Accurate Sniper rifle that is semi-auto and fires .50 cal

    RG-6: 6 rds, semi-auto grenade launcher

    F57: 20 rds, accurate pistol with excellent range and penetration.

    RAVEN: (10 TOTAL)

    AUGA3: 30 rds, Accurate, decent Assault Rifle.

    MP7A1: 40 rds, Advanced SMG with high accuracy and low recoil.

    L96AW: 5 rds, Extremely accurate long-range Sniper Rifle.

    G3A3: 20 rds, Powerful and accurate Assault Rifle.

    HK417: 20 rds, Powerful and accurate long-ranged assault rifle.

    MG4: 100-200 rds, Accurate LMG with a fast fire rate.

    Panzerfaust 3: Advanced, standard rocket launcher.

    M870: 8 rds, Standard Pump Shotgun.

    XM500: 5 rds, Bolt action .50 cal sniper rifle.

    F2000: 30 rds, advanced assualt rifle with moderate accuracy.

    VALOR: (6 TOTAL)

    M4A1:30 rds, Accurate Assault Rifle.

    FN SCAR LW: 30 rds, currently in use by SEALs as a rugged and accurate assault rifle.

    M249: 100-200 rds, Accurate LMG with fast fire rate.

    colt 1911: 7 rds, standard medium power pistol.

    AT4: single shot standard Rocket Launcher.

    M14 EBR: 20 rds, Accurate Assault rifle, good stopping power at long range.