Sony to Own the Holidays With Rumored PS3 Slim Bundle


Sales have already skyrocketed for Sony’s PlayStation 3, ever since the new PS3 Slim’s announcement and $100 price drop on all existing models went into effect. If this information of a rumored bundle is indeed true, Sony is out for blood in the console wars and looking to steal the #1 Holiday Season sales spot.

While speaking with a source close to Sony, we have received word that Sony is not only prepping Gran Turismo 5 for the holiday season, but it will be bundled with a 250GB PS3 slim for the price of $399. Along with Gran Turismo 5 and the 250GB PS3, we’ve been told to expect a voucher to some type of downloadable game, to help introduce new PS3 owners to the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Network. Though as to which downloadable game is to be included is still up in the air.

This information doesn’t come from our regular source, but given how the previous “premium” PS3 bundle featured another flagship PS3 title, larger HDD, and a voucher for the downloadable game Pain, this proposed bundle certainly sounds feasible. Especially after the recent filings of the 250GB PS3 Slim being unveiled and the Gamescom Gran Turismo 5 brochure claiming a Q4 2009 release.

Having a lower priced standalone 120GB PS3 slim, paired with a “premium” 250GB PS3 slim/GT5 bundle would certainly stir up sales come this holiday season.

Since we don’t expect any confirmation for quite some time, please chalk this up as a rumor for the time being. Also our source suggested that this bundle will only be available if Gran Turismo 5 does indeed release during the planned Q4 2009 window. We will be sure to keep you up-to-date if anything else is uncovered.