Take a Look Inside the PS3 Slim… Literally

Have you been wondering how Sony shrunk down the PS3 components to fit inside the tiny shell that is the PS3 slim? We have a look into the the new PS3s innards to see exactly how they pulled it off.

Nope, it’s not an X-Ray image ray image of the PS3 slim, instead, the good (and apparently crazy) folks over at iFixit have disassembled Johnny 5, err, a PS3 slim for our viewing pleasure.

Check out the screenshots below:


As you can see, every last fraction of an inch of the new PS3 slim is utilized by one component or another. It is quite a feat of Sony’s engineer team to fit so much tech in such a tiny shell.

To check out ever more pictures of the PS3 Slim “teardown” visit the source below.