Take a Look Inside the PS3 Slim… Literally

August 26, 2009Written by Anthony Severino

Have you been wondering how Sony shrunk down the PS3 components to fit inside the tiny shell that is the PS3 slim? We have a look into the the new PS3s innards to see exactly how they pulled it off.

Nope, it’s not an X-Ray image ray image of the PS3 slim, instead, the good (and apparently crazy) folks over at iFixit have disassembled Johnny 5, err, a PS3 slim for our viewing pleasure.

Check out the screenshots below:


As you can see, every last fraction of an inch of the new PS3 slim is utilized by one component or another. It is quite a feat of Sony’s engineer team to fit so much tech in such a tiny shell.

To check out ever more pictures of the PS3 Slim “teardown” visit the source below.