Get Ready to Play PS3 Games With One Hand

August 27, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

You only need one wand.

Sony introduced the world to its version of a motion wand during E3 with an impressive live demo of the technology. Unlike part of that demo, however, you do not need two wands to play any motion-controlled games.

Sony seems to be wising up to this global economic crisis, as evident in the PS3 Slim and price drop announcements. It also looks as though the new motion wands, due out Spring of 2010, won’t break the bank either. Shuhei Yoshida, Senior VP of Product Development for SCEA had this to say about the controllers:

“…because of cost-of-goods and, you know, people have to have the PlayStation Eye camera as well, we are approaching the launch by making sure that all games that we create can be played with one controller and the camera. We will also introduce options for if you happen to have more than one controller available. Experiences will be enhanced if you purchase a second.”

Perhaps the wands will be sold in pairs for those who already own the Eye, as well as a set with one wand and the PlayStation Eye. No word on price, but we can hopefully expect to hear and see more about this interesting product at the Tokyo Game Show.