Sony Ericsson Aino: PS3 Phone Home Via Remote Play


Have you ever wanted to access your PS3 from your mobile phone?  If you have, then you will be able to do that sooner than later as Sony Ericsson is releasing the Sony Aino, which gives consumers the ability to remote play into their PS3 from anywhere and acess their data.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe recently sat down with Lisa Canning, Lifestyle and Campaign PR Manager for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications to find out what PS3 owners can expect from the new phone.

  • What are you offering PlayStation3 users in your upcoming range of phones?

    Aino is one of the first handsets in Sony Ericsson’s new Communications Entertainment proposition. It offers a unique multimedia experience for all PlayStation3 fans as they can seamlessly access and control their PS3 media content anywhere, anytime using Remote Play.

    Remote Play with Aino lets you turn your PS3 on and off, browse and control the XMB and access the internet browser from anywhere in the world. Remote Play also lets you control and access the HD Drive’s media content on PS3 using the built-in WiFi or 3G connections via Aino.

    You can also access PlayStation Store via Remote Play or chat with friends via PlayStation Network. It is also possible to buy and download a new game from the Store via Aino so it is ready and waiting for you when you get home.

  • How exactly do users access Remote Play? Users simply start Remote Play by selecting the Remote Play icon in the entertainment menu of their Aino.

    The set up is easy and only neccessary once – the PS3 generates the registration code to be entered into Aino.

    You navigate the XMB with the Aino keypad.

The phone will be releasing sometime in October for the UK, with no official word on a US release.

What do you think?  Will it be time for a phone upgrade when or if this releases stateside?