160GB Uncharted Bundle Gets Its Fortune Reduced


Since the official announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim, many consumers have been asking about the differences between the old and new PlayStation 3 models. Only hours after the announcement, several websites opened up the new PlayStation 3 Slim to see exactly what’s different about this new model.

Weeks later, it has been confirmed that the new PlayStation 3 Slim is almost identical to the old PlayStation 3. However, some people genuinely prefer the architectural design of the old model. Thankfully, the 160GB PlayStation 3 Uncharted bundle has been reduced on Amazon to the low price of only $349.99 with free shipping.

The 160GB Uncharted bundle includes the original PlayStation 3 model with a 160GB hard drive, the AAA title Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and a voucher for the PSN title PAIN. The low price of $349.99 on Amazon also includes free super saver shipping, so the only fee added on top of the listed price is sales tax.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic low price. Head on over to Amazon now and pick up this soon to be gone at retail bundle.

Thanks to Joe Barclay for the tip!