Friends List Revamp Catching Sony’s Attention

September 10, 2009Written by Kyle P.


The latest PlayStation 3 firmware update, 3.00, brought with it a slew of good and bad tweaks and additions. One of the main aspects of the update was a revamp of the PSN friends list. Now, large gray boxes encompass the names’ of your favorite PSN friends. Many have been vocal about this aesthetically ugly change, and SCEE‘s PS3 Brand Manager, Mark Bowles, admitted that “updates to firmware don’t always suit everyone’s tastes.”

However, don’t fret! The friends list, according to Bowles, is being “looking into based on your comments.” In addition, he added, “We really do appreciate the feedback you guys give us, both positive and negative.”

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle have to agree with the general consensus, as we believe the boxes don’t exactly fit the sleek look of the XMB. Certainly, we hope Sony addresses this nagging issue by making this interface adjustment optional.