Japanese Charts Bow to PS3 Domination


The long-awaited PlayStation 3 Slim was finally released onto store shelves less than two weeks ago. Retailers worldwide have been reporting rampant shortages, with some even claiming that increasing demand can’t be met with current stock levels. But Japan is unique in that its PS3 Slim model came bundled with a game, which may have also helped sales.

The Japanese bundle includes the 120GB PS3 Slim, the Mobile Suit Gundam Senki game, as well as a voucher for DLC. This bundle has hit Japan like a storm, selling greater than originally expected. The Japanese Famitsu magazine published the latest retailer estimates for Japanese hardware sales in their latest issue. Here are the hardware sales in Japan for last week:

PS3 – 151,000

DSi – 59,000

PSP – 23,000

Wii – 18,000

DS Lite – 5,600

Xbox 360 – 4,600

PS2 – 3,700

Several sites around the internet are reporting between 500,000 – 600,000 sales in the first week worldwide, and these numbers seem to suggest that they are near or above those estimates. What will really be interesting though is total sales for the month of September.

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