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PS3 Slim of a Different Color

September 12, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Bored with the PS3 Slim‘s matte finish? Add some color to your PS3 Slim

Colorware, established in 2000, has been altering the color of PC’s ever since. Their talent and quality eventually spilled over into other products such as cell phones, MP3 players and gaming consoles.

While it’s long been known you could send in your PS3 to colorware to get a snazzy new paint job, it’s the first time you can get your new PS3 Slim customized with a new coat of paint.

Many PS3 Slim owners may opt to get their consoles painted, considering the new matte finish of the PS3 has been said to be less flattering than the original PS3’s piano black glossy finish.

If you are interested in giving your PS3 Slim a personal touch of color, you can do so at for prices starting at $149 to send in your existing PS3 Slim. Alternatively, you can pick up a brand new PS3 Slim from them starting at $449.


Thanks ShadowJin for the tip!