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Gran Turismo PSP Sports Hidden Musical Feature


With only a little over a week left until the release of Gran Turismo PSP, the reviews are gradually starting to pour in. Sadly, one subtle yet highly sought after feature for any title is custom soundtrack supports. Sadly, the few reviews we have seen on the web have failed to mention this neat feature. Fortunately, the guys of the PS Nation podcast have read their manuals.

According to PS Nation’s written review of Gran Turismo PSP, the portable racing simulator brings custom soundtrack support for the first time in the GT franchise history.

“I looked around for a Custom Soundtrack option, and was initially let-down when I didn’t see one. Then, unlike most gamers, I read the manual, which is accessible right from the menu. There I found that after completing the first two Challenges, the option would magically unlock.”

The review continues on by instructing players to place tracks inside the “GTPSP” folder, which is inside the main “MUSIC” folder on the root of the drive (there is also a second method of playing tracks in GT PSP that wasn’t explained in detail).

The moral of the story is: it’s okay to read your manuals once in a while (so long as no one sees you doing it).

Expect PlayStation LifeStyle’s Gran Turismo PSP Review shortly…