Scene it? Pressing on the PS3 Buzz!


When Scene It? was announced for the PlayStation 3, it was only natural for Buzz! owners to wonder if they needed to purchase all-new controllers, or use the DualShock 3 exclusively. This, however, has been answered for trivia fans all over.

Since the PS3 version is not planned to be released with handheld peripherals, like its 360 counterpart, this can both be great news and disappointment for prospective buyers of Scene It? If casual trivia fans are willing to purchase Scene It? for the PS3 but do not already have Buzz!, why not just get the other?

With the ability to create your own quizzes and DLC already on the PlayStation Store, will you purchase Scene It? if you already have Buzz! for PS3 or would you rather just play with your controller? Post your thoughts in the comments below.