Netflix Looking to Bring Content to All Consoles

September 25, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


There is no denying that the Netflix on the 360 is being used by gamers all over at any given time. PlayStation owners have been wanting this service for some time now. And according to CEO Reed Hastings, Netflix on the PS3 is not a lost cause.

Hastings stated that though it is exclusive to the 360 for now, that could all change with time. Hastings stated that he would like to bring the service to all current-gen consoles at some point. This is not only gaming consoles he was referring to either.

The streaming market possibilities are seemingly endless. Not only is Hastings wanting to bring it to gaming consoles, but also internet capable televisions, Blu-Ray players, and even phones such as the iPhone.

And if it can happen on the iPhone, we don’t see why it couldn’t come to the PSP or PSP Go.