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Sony Boosts Profits with PSP Go Converter

September 26, 2009Written by Steven Garcia


Despite Sony’s new super cool PSP Go set for launch in just under a week, many current PSP owners have decided to hold off on upgrading their hardware for fear of being left with a pile of incompatible accessories. Well, boys and girls, Sony has the perfect solution for you!

After much hype and anticipation, Sony has finally unveiled what was in that mysterious display case of their’s on the TGS show floor. You see, Sony cares and understands what you’re going through. Sony can also sympathize with the position they’ve put you in as a result of their decision to ditch the popular and widely supported mini USB in favor of a slender, multi functional port.

In an effort to prove they’re not just another soulless, profit hungry corporation, Sony has announced a device that will allow compatibility between your old mini USB accessories and the new multifunction port friendly PSP Go, liberating you from the hassle of having to buy entirely new chargers, A/V cables, USB cables, GPS devices etc. But the fact that it costs money to do so does present a bit of a catch-22.

Look, we understand Sony is trying to run a profitable business, but deliberately inconveniencing your consumers and then charging them for the ability to take advantage of products they were previously able to use for free is completely unnecessary. The PSP Go is already a little overpriced as it is, and instead of encouraging current owners to purchase the Go, this only further deters people from upgrading. If anything, Sony should just eat the costs of this ridiculous, not-so-portable adapter, or at least include a free game voucher in the box. Regardless, we can’t resist the lure of a just plain sexy gaming device and will most likely still purchase the Go and a number of it’s various proprietary accessories.

While US pricing and availability hasn’t been announced yet, Japanese Go owners should expect these and other Go accessories to hit retail by December 24th for the low, low price of about $20.