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PSP Go Launches with Proprietary Accessories

featureimage-psp-go-images1Making vast improvements on the hardware and even offering digital copies in exchange for your UMDs, the PSPgo does seem to be worth the $250 price point. However, those looking to upgrade from their previous PSP units will want to take note of this.

psp-go-accessoriesShown in the image above, are the official PSP Go accessories shown to the press after the bulk of E3 was over. As you can see, everything consumers would expect in a new product is going to be offered by Sony Computer Entertainment upon the launch of the PSP Go.

The downside? Similar to most mainstream products, a common practice being used by the PSP Go is proprietary accessories, forcing the consumers to purchase a new set of accessories for the handheld. The PSP Go uses a multifunction port, and because of this, consumers will have to buy all new chargers, component, composite, and USB cables. While the former is to be expected, the latter is a potential nuisance to consumers who have multiple mini-USB cables.