Under Siege to Support Sony Motion Controller

Under Siege

Under Siege is an upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive game from Portuguese studio Seed Studios. The real-time strategy game was one of the first games to be announced to use Sony’s latest PhyreEngine, which “provided a solid and efficient foundation to explore the potential of the PS3”, according to Lead Designer Bruno Ribeiro. Very little has been known about this game, with an original release date set for late 2009.

Now, however, Seed Studios have announced, on their developer diary, that “Under Siege now officially supports the new Sony Motion Controller.”

The developer continued:

“We are extremely happy with the new controller and we are hard at work making sure it works perfectly with our game.  So besides having the gameplay and game design tailored perfectly to the Dualshock3 we will also took the extra time to make sure the Motion Controller is well implemented and not just an extra feature.”

Unfortunately, the game has also been delayed to a “launch window” of Spring 2010, presumably to release around the same time as the Motion Controller. However, the extra polish time allowed by the delay has enabled Seed Studios to “include some new features that were missing and [which they] wanted to be in the game”. Currently the game already supports many, often neglected, features including:

“- Native 1080p (not upscaled )

– Replay recording with option to upload to YouTube

– Motion Controller support

– Splitscreen for Co-Op and Competitive

– 4 players online

– Video and voice chat in game and on lobby (with tiny windows on the corner!)

– Photo Mode (WipEout we envy you…)

– Custom Soundtracks”

As well as continuing Sony’s ‘Play, Create, Share’ Motto with a full blown in-game editor where you can:

“- Create your own level (single player, multiplayer) or a full campaign with your story

– Use the same tools that we used to make the Single Player Campaign

– Upload it all for everyone to see (and make us sweat with the all the wrong possibilities that a tool like this provides)”