Pachter Predicts PS3 Massive Blow to Xbox 360


Another month, another new Michal Pachter prediction. His latest prediction, as always, is on the state of PS3/Wii/Xbox 360 sales. Time, and time again, we see predictions that are favorable for the other consoles. This time, the PS3 is being predicted to have favorable sales over the other two major console manufacturers.

Pachter expects a double-digit growth this month for the US games trade, compared to the last six months, which had negative numbers. He expects that the US games trade will rake in sales of $750 million, up 21% compared to last year’s $618 million.”

Patcher then followed with a prediction for console sales. He expects the Wii to sell 390 000 units (up 45% from last year), the Xbox 360 to sell 350 000 (up 1% from last year), and a massive 410 000 for PlayStation 3 (up 76% from last year).

You can hope these are true, while we wait for the release of the NPD next Thursday.