PS3 Upselling This Holiday Season

October 11, 2009Written by Marco Antonio


Sony are quite proud of its PlayStation 3, even touting “It only does everything”. The PS3’s multimedia capabilities include everything from HD gaming, to Blu-Ray movies, to digital photos, and more. Because of its wide-array of uses, Sony is confident that the PS3 will sell other related consumer electronics products at retail this holiday season.

According to Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America:

“You can find the PS3 not only in the gaming Isle this holiday season, you’ll see it where home theaters are sold, where blu-ray movies are sold….there’s multiple places in the store where we should be and where we will be this holiday season.”

Many gamers are already familiar with the PS3’s strong multimedia abilities, but the average Joe shopper may not which is the reason behind Sony’s strategy of marketing their gaming machine in other areas of your preferred electronics store this holiday season.

Tretton’s belief is that the PS3 has a major influence on other forms of media purchases by a consumer such as CDs, blu-ray movies, HDTVs and, to a degree, digital cameras as well. He continues,

“…if they buy a PS3 that retailer can sell them games, they can sell them movies, they can sell them music, there are multiple forms of media that are being played through there that people are consuming at the retail level, you buy a stand alone blu-ray player it’s going to help them sell movies, but it’s not going to help them sell games or music or some other devices.”

Sony has always contended that they wanted the PS3 to be at the center of your home’s multimedia design, and this holiday season they seem poised to strike at the heart of that meaning stronger than they have in previous years.  Armed with a killer line up of game software coupled with the recently reduced price and redesigned Slim model, this could very well prove to be Sony’s best year since launch.