PS3 Review – NBA 2K10


In 1999 2K Sports decided to jump into the NBA sports game genre, and since then they have arguably made the most realistic basketball titles on the market each and every year. It’s time to see if the 10th title of the series holds the tradition true.

2K Sports decided to build hype for the game by releasing NBA 2K10 Draft Combine before the release of the game itself. This not only allowed gamers to become accustomed to the controls of the game, but also create a player themselves and have the ability to transfer them over to NBA 2K10 upon release.

The game itself is fully featured, to the point of almost overwhelming the user at times. But once the gamer navigates the menus and adjusts to where everything is they will see how fully featured the title is. There are a total of around 15 total game modes. Ranging from Dunk Contests to The Association, which is a Franchise mode that gives full control to the user.

This doesn’t even touch base on the depth of the features available. One being Living Rosters, they are constantly updating the rosters based upon performances in real life. Others include a Trophy Room, 2K Beats playlist editor, 2K Share, and 2K Reelmaker. 2K Sports really went the extra mile to give the user the ability to show off their own personal plays and highlights.


The gameplay of the title is solid. The user can shoot with the right analog stick or the square button, I personally go the analog route. The execution of going from turbo into a crossover and then to a fadeaway shot is one fluid motion with only a few changes of direction of the left analog stick then using the right analog stick to shoot. The gameplay is just that smooth once the user adapts to the control scheme.

Don’t think the game is a cakewalk though. If you don’t actively think on the move and make smart decisions to get that open shot you will have an opposing defense swarming on you before you know it. This isn’t an arcade game, and it doesn’t even try to be. This is a basketball sim, and it is a great one at that. Just know what you are getting into before you purchase the game. If you are looking for quick scores that end up with you victorious by huge point differentials, then this title isn’t for you.