PlayStation 3 Sales Still Going Strong


When the PlayStation 3 pricetag was finally dropped in September with the announcement of the PS3 Slim, it was impossible to deny that the impact would be significant. However, many have questioned just how much of an impact the PS3 Slim would bring and more specifically how long it would affect sales. After the over 1 million sales in September, the momentum was clearly in Sony’s favor, and it seems that this trend is continuing.

Sales data for October hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but most sources indicate that the sales for the PS3 Slim have been strong for the past month. A recent interview with Tony Bartel, Executive VP of Merchandising and Marketing at GameStop has helped reinforce the contention that the PS3 Slim is still in high demand. Tony Bartel stated the following:

“We continue to see the [price drop] giving strong momentum to PS3. Obviously we had a strong surge when they initially dropped the price, and there was a lot of excitement around that, but we still see PS3 sales as very strong through October as well…”

The big turnaround of the PS3 has given rise to more support for the PS3 platform. The strong 2009 game line-up coupled with the platform’s various multimedia offerings have put Sony in a great position moving foward. The official numbers are yet to be revealed, but high sales for the PS3 should be expected in the report which is due within the next few weeks.