LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Character List Revealed


The LEGO series of video games has captured the heart of the young and old. LEGO Indiana Jones was well recieved and the sequel is on its way.  Recently, the full character list for LEGO Indiana Jones 2 has been revealed. Characters from all of the Indiana Jones films are represented.

The characters are:

  • Cairo Digger
  • Crystal Skull (Object)
  • Enemy Mechanic
  • Indiana Jones
  • Lao Che
  • Major Arnold Toht
  • Marion Ravenwood
  • Mola Ram
  • Mutt
  • Native
  • Professor Henry Jones Senior
  • Rene Belloq
  • Short Round
  • Spalko
  • Willie Scott

The game releases November 17th for the PSP, PS2 and PS3. Stay connected with PlayStation LifeStyle for all of the news regarding Indy and his latest adventure!