PS3 Review – God of War: Collection

Kratos crosses paths with many famous Greek characters, including Perseus. Ironically, Perseus’ voiceover role is reprised by Harry Hamlin, who played the same character in Clash of the Titans. All the voiceover work is done with care, and the narration by Linda Hunt is hauntingly powerful. The carefully orchestrated soundtrack also deserves special mention, as the game definitely wouldn’t be as compelling without its presence. The developers haven’t mentioned whether they did anything special with the audio work in the game, but everything sounds just as good as it did in the PS2 versions.


God of War: Collection is a 100% faithful remaster. The in-game graphics look spectacular, considering that Bluepoint Games relied on the original 2005 and 2007 game assets to recreate this titles for the PS3. The engine now runs at a solid 60 frames per second without a hint of screen tearing. This may sound surprising, but the steady framerate definitely improves the overall gameplay. The in-game cutscenes have not been updated, but the story cutscenes look great. God of War II definitely has an edge in the graphics department. Santa Monica Stuiods learned quite a bit since the first game, and it shows.  Each game comes chock full of all the extras that came with the originals, as well as individual trophy sets.


Anyone who owns a PlayStation 3 and is not very familiar with God of War should make this apart of their collection. There are very few games out there that pull off what these two games do. God of War 1 and 2 raised the bar for the entire action/adventure genre, and God of War III is hell bent on continuing that proud heritage.  Those of us familiar with Kratos will enjoy the extra polish the Collection brings to two of the best games from the PS2 era.

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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

720p graphics with a solid 60 fps.

Gameplay graphics often exceed cutscene quality.

Two kick ass epic titles and the best games from the last generation – for one low price!

9 out of 10