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Media Molecule to Play, Create and Share with Third Party Devs

Media Molecule did a fantastic job at giving gamers the tools they needed to create full-fledged levels. Now Media Molecule, creator of the universally praised, award-winning Little Big Planet, has handed their tools over to other developers.

In his keynote talk opening the second day of the Montreal Game Summit, the studio’s lead architect Paul Holden detailed the studio’s work on HeapMon, a proprietary tool that monitor’s game memory usage – necessary for a title like LittleBigPlanet, which makes numerous calls to memory in its PS3 host hardware thanks to a vast amount of in-game content and processes.

Holden then went on to explain how the development process of the tool went on alongside the development of Little Big Planet. Also he explained that the tool is a very simple one, and that they could get it out to other developers with little difficulty. As of now the studio is waiting for Sony’s approval.

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