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Guerrilla Games Enlisting New Recruits


The team at Guerrilla Games shocked the world with their heart-pounding FPS masterpiece, Killzone 2, which was lauded for its innovative online gameplay and CG quality graphics. And if their recent job postings are any indication, they are looking to release their second PS3 title sooner rather than later.

These are the following positions that are now open, according to the newly redesigned Guerrilla Games website:

Senior Environment Artist:

Saving the environment is easy – just hit CTRL-S. Making the environment convincing and awe-inspiring at the same time is a far more interesting challenge.

Senior Level Designer:

Are you a gifted level designer ready to take it to the next, uh, level? For our upcoming project, we’re looking for a Senior Level Designer with a thorough understanding of the intricacies of level design.

Senior Producer:

Senior Producers are the Chuck Norrises of the game industry. They never take “no” for an answer, unless the question was “Any objections to my project schedule?” As a Senior Producer at Guerrilla, you will be responsible for ensuring that our upcoming game project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Senior Build Engineer:

Do you enjoy tending compu-taters on the build farm? As a Senior Build Engineer, you’ll collaborate with IT Support to maintain and support all facets of the build farm, including configuration, troubleshooting, software updates, and setting up new projects.

Senior Game Designer:

Guerrilla Games is looking to add a battle-hardened Senior Game Designer to its ranks for an upcoming project. If you’re recruited, you will play a pivotal role in formulating the game design and guarding the game’s vision.

Senior Game Coder:

Being a Senior Game Coder at Guerrilla is like being a little god: you’re responsible for laying the foundation for an entire game world.