God of War Collection Slashing into Europe Next Year


The God of War Collection was released just weeks ago to much praise including from us. Unfortunately like a lot of games this generation Europe has been left out. Up until now there was no word that this game would even make its way overseas well that changed today

Speaking on the Official PlayStation Podcast the team behind this collection stated that the game will be coming out in Europe next year. Now there was no release date given other then it will be out next year and not at the beginning of the year. So just like a lot of other games Europe will be receiving this just a little bit later then the US.

Another interesting tid bit also was revealed during the Podcast, and that is the possibility that they also may turn out another collection containing Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus. So those of you that like this idea of PS2 collections should go out and buy these, because the more they sell the more likely the chance we may see more.