PS3 Kicks Off the Holiday Season with a Bang


To coincide with the year’s biggest shopping rush, SCEA released some extremely enticing PS3 bundles. These amazing bundles paired a 120GB PS3 up with some of the year’s biggest releases. As expected the bundles sold out almost immediately the morning of Black Friday.

Official word has come in from SCEA’s Sr. Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media, Patrick Seybold, about exactly how well the PlayStation 3 performed during this massive holiday shopping week.

The PlayStation 3 was in extremely high demand and is looking to be this holiday season’s hottest item. During the week ending on 11/29/09 the PlayStation 3 sold an outstanding 440,000. With the PS3 having such a great game line-up, and the overall value packed inside the PS3, it’s really not a surprise to see consumers flocking to Sony’s console.

No doubt extremely pleased at these significant sales numbers, Patrick Seybold had this to say:

“The 2009 holiday season got off to an amazing start for PlayStation, with all key retailers showing a significant increase for PS3, PSP and key holiday titles over Black Friday and the holiday weekend. PlayStation 3 demand was at an all time high with the system selling more than 440,000 units for the week ending 11/29/09.

In today’s economy, consumers are drawn to items that offer the most value for their money, making the PS3 an ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive gaming and entertainment system all in one package. Combine that with exclusive holiday bundles and an extensive software line-up, one that many analysts are calling the best in the industry, with titles such as Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, UNCHARTED 2:Among Thieves, and LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year, we have no doubt the momentum and demand will continue and consumers will prove that entertainment this holiday season is going to be defined by PlayStation.”