No Excuse Not to Pick up inFAMOUS Now

December 4, 2009Written by Zak Islam


One of the best PS3 exclusives of 2009 would have to be inFAMOUS. A jaw dropping title which gave us a superhero and a villain not to forget along with a very entertaining game. For those of you who do not have it yet, you can now add it to your library for a price you just can’t refuse.

inFAMOUS has now been dropped to a retail price of only $39.99. If that doesn’t excite you enough to purchase the game, well the ‘The Gigawatt Blades’ which “supercharges Cole’s arm into blades of pure energy which can be used to cause massive damage against enemies during combat”, will be available as a free download via the PlayStation Store starting December 10th.

Sucker Punch have also revealed that the electrifying title has reached sales over 1.2 million as of October 2009.

If you are still unsure weather to get the game or not, check out our review, of why we thought it was one of the standout games of 2009.