EA Sports Division Has Hosted Over Billion Online Games

December 9, 2009Written by Zak Islam


With the major success of the addictive online components of EA’s sports games, it’s no surprise to see the franchise reach such a high landmark. A few examples of where the success has come from is FIFA 10 alone, which has already passed the 40 million games played online mark.

EA Sports has hosted more than 1 billion online games this year alone, said EA boss John Riccitiello to NBR.

Riccitiello had this to say:

“This year alone, in just the package goods business of EA Sports, one part of our company, we’ve hosted over a billion online games. A billion online games. That’s a staggering number,”

This amount of activity could be equated with that of a country.

These are where people playing an hour, two hours, three hours: it’s the productivity of a small nation, just wrapped up in EA Sports online.