Shatter Breaks Awards Show


Releasing a few months back for the PSN, Shatter has won the praise of gamers and the press alike. PlayStation LifeStyle’s own Anthony Severino graced the addictive title with our top score: 5/5 Editor’s Choice. This sentiment is also shared across the gaming community. Last night, the New Zealand-based developer of the game, Sidhe, announced it had received a prominent award from the Game Developers Association of Australia.

Shatter won the award for Best Downloadable Title. Speaking for Sidhe, Managing Director, Mario Wynands, had this to say:

“Receiving this award is a major accolade for Shatter that recognizes the hard work the team put into making something unique and exciting.

“The awards featured a number of great titles from around the region, and we appreciate the judges rewarding the risks we took in making the game.”

The Game Developers Association of Australia recognizes the outstanding work of Australian or New Zealand-based game developers. You can find Shatter on the PSN for $7.99.