Alien Breed Evolution Shooting Its Way in to 2010

December 10, 2009Written by Zak Islam


UK studio Team 17 had announced before that it will be releasing a new version of the 1991 classic Alien Breed as a downloadable title. The original was a top down shooter, ‘inspired’ by the Aliens movie, in which players had to shoot their way through a series of space station levels. Team17, well known for their ‘Worms‘ series, have revealed that its download remake, Alien Breed Evolution which is a remake of the Amiga’s classic co-op shooter, will be making it’s way to PS3 gamers in 2010.

When the release for the PlayStation 3 version of the title came from Team 17’s Mark Baldwin in an interview with GamerZines. The shooter will be released on the PS3 in the second quarter of 2010.

Alien Breed Evolution will preserve the type of gameplay of the original, enhanced with stunning visuals thanks to the Unreal Engine 3. Team 17 are promising both single player and a mouth watering aspect of co-op online multiplayer modes in this exciting new shooter.