PSP Minis Review – Circles

December 13, 2009Written by Zak Islam


Circles is one of the recently released PSP Minis playable on the PSP, PSPGo and some are now available to play on the PlayStation 3. Circles will give you a few good hours of fun with its difficult but at the same time entertaining puzzles. The game is an appropriate way to to burn some hours if you are bored or you just want to test your brain once in a while.

The actual concept of the game is not difficult to figure out at all, it will certainly test you once in a while throughout the levels but is pretty simple to get used to. However there are different game difficulties from Easy, Medium and Hard, each difficulty with 40 levels concluding in 120 levels for those who really want to test them selves.

Players have to two ways to win a level. The primary objective and the only method of getting a gold medal is to surround the golden zero(s) with the included blue numbered balls, 4 blue circles is the amount you need to surround the golden zero. The other way to win a round is to terminate the yellow numbered balls with the remaining blue balls or if there is at least 3 blue circles surrounding the golden zero, which rewards you with a silver medal. The process to surround the golden zero or eliminate the yellow numbered balls starts when two or more different colored balls are rotated in a circle by either the triggers. The group of circles which sum up to a greater value then the others in the circles will dominate the others by rotating the ring leading it to get eliminated from the circle.


If you lose too many blue balls which is necessary to surround the golden zero, then you will have to settle for a silver medal by eliminating the other yellow numbered balls. There are 40 levels within the game on each difficulty level, so as you can imagine  progressing throughout the levels will get more difficult. You can not control a circle which do not contain blue circles to add to the difficulty. As you progress through levels you will find some power-ups included within some rings. These power-ups can either be positive or negative. For example a “+ 1” or “- 1” may be included within the ring. Once rotated with two different set of colored numbers, it will add to the numbers value or subtract the value away from the numbers.


The graphics look great for a Mini title, the presentation fits the bill for a simple addictive puzzler. The background rhythm to the gameplay is passable, overall the music is well done and adds few nice beats to the mix.The fun factor is present as this game can be hard to put down. The only setback for the game may be the level count is a bit short. While 40 levels is impressive it may not be sufficient to some, that is just for the Easy difficulty.  Playing Medium and hard will net you a total 120 levels to play around with.

All in all, Circles will certainly entertain you for from a few minutes to hours. The fun and addictive gameplay will make you realize how well done this math related game is. The graphics and sound definitely go well with the theme of this title. It’s priced right and if you are into puzzles, you couldn’t go wrong and it’s worthy addition to the PSP puzzel game genre. Circles has great pickup and play qualities that work well on travels.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Your Addictive gameplay

A real puzzler that will challenge your wits

Easy pickup and play gameplay

4 out of 5