PSLS Presents – The Making of Polar Panic

December 15, 2009Written by Kyle P.


With a limited budget to work to we decided to use 2D illustrations for the story mode and instruction panels — see images for a sequence of the double trapper squash. These also create a great storybook style and add a real warmth and character to the game.





The environments were sized out, filled with props, tested, played on, tweaked, changed, then when we were happy with them, we modeled them up to the detail you will see in the screenshots.

The level progressions are similar to those in the early Super Mario and Sonic games, starting out at a nice easy pace and then becoming both more hectic and industrialized as the game progresses. Every tenth level is then a boss battle against Mr. Big himself.




We introduced the IceTruck and the Boat to vary the pace and the settings on the game. The boat rocks as it bounces over the waves – again this was a feature we were unsure of until we prototyped it (see image). The rocking action coupled with the rolling oil barrels makes it one of the most popular (and tricky) levels in the game.

The puzzle levels are a blend of Sokoban block pushing, logic puzzles and a few things unique to Polar.




Polar Panic hits the PSN Store next week.

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