Heavy Rain Will Receive DLC ‘Episodes’


Heavy Rain’s executive producer has confirmed that Heavy Rain, the Origami Killer will be receiving “episodes” after the titles release. A playable demo may be in offing as well for players to get their hands on due to Guillaume de Fondaumiere wanting people to ‘experience the game to understand it’.

In a video interview conducted by Joystiq, Heavy Rain’s executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere confirmed ‘episodes’ a few months after the titles launch. de Fondaumiere also gave a hint of a playable Heavy Rain demo for players to witness how “different and unique this experience is”.

It’s a difficult game to market, because it’s difficult for people to understand what it is unless they experience it. So we have to show it to them. We probably have to give them a playable demo for them to see and experience for themselves how different and unique this experience is.

Buy the game, don’t sell it. Keep it to yourself. You’ll need it to continue and experience more episodes in the months following the launch of the game.

The ‘episodes’ are inevitable to be in the form of DLC for the title. With DLC and a near certainty of a playable demo, PlayStation 3 owners have a lot to look forward to from this exclusive.

Heavy Rain will be released in the new year from February 18th.