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David Cage Teasing ‘Exciting’ Plans for 2019, Fans Think It’s Detroit: Become Human Connor DLC

Does the Connor Army hashtag mean something?

Chloe in Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human Surprised Players With a Unique New Year Greeting

Chloe knows what day it was.

quantic dream news

Quantic Dream Is Teasing a New Announcement

Connor and Hank DLC, anyone?

detroit become human sales numbers

Detroit: Become Human Sold 2 Million Copies and Is Quantic Dream’s Fastest-Selling Game

Congratulations are in order!

quantic dream collection

Get Three Quantic Dream Classics in One Quantic Dream Collection Bundle

Pick up the collection for $39.99.

Quantic Dream Microsoft

Quantic Dream Job Posting Suggests Upcoming Multiplatform Release

Where will this narrative branch lead?

detroit become human transcription

Fan Provides Chapter by Chapter Text Transcription of Detroit: Become Human

Impressive is an understatement.

Detroit Become Human Story

Here’s the Horrific Level of Detail That Went Into Detroit: Become Human’s Story

This is a lot.

detroit become human photo mode

Detroit: Become Human Photo Mode Axed Because of the PS4’s Limitations

Unfortunate, but understandable, news.

Detroit Become Human Soundtrack

Detroit Become Human’s Musical Experimentation Made Connor Come to Life

The musical pulse of an android.

Detroit Become Human players

Detroit: Become Human Boasts a Playerbase of Over 1.5 Million

Players have logged in over 20 million playtime hours.

Detroit Become Human Court Case

Detroit, Heavy Rain Developer Loses Employment Court Case

This does not look good at all.

beyond two souls sales

Beyond: Two Souls Has Sold 2.8 Million Copies Across PS3/PS4

It’s unlikely to reach Heavy Rain’s success, but this is still impressive.

detroit become human new update

Detroit: Become Human New Update Addresses Annoying Bug

That sweet, sweet Platinum trophy is finally within grasp.

heavy rain ps4

The Middle East Doesn’t Get Heavy Rain PS4 for Free on PS Plus This Month

Not all regions are created equal, it seems.

Detroit Become Human twitch

Detroit: Become Human Was the Most Watched May Release on Twitch

Slowly, the Androids are taking over.

detroit become human sequel

Quantic Dream Seemingly Not Ruling Out the Possibility of Detroit: Become Human Sequel

They don’t want to say anything about DLC yet either.

detroit become human soundtrack

Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Now Available for Streaming

Detroit: Become Music.

Detroit: Become Human to Reverse Poignant Endgame Moment

Does this undercut Detroit’s thought-provoking themes?