New Star Wars Game

Report: Disney Wants a New Star Wars Game Every 6 Months

Disney wants the Star Wars brand to be at the forefront of gaming, with the company reportedly wanting a new Star Wars game to release once every six months. Various sources to Insider Gaming say that the current plan, which Lucasfilm has signed off on, is to have two Star Wars games every fiscal year, with one being a major release and another being a smaller game. Given the current list of Star Wars games in development, it would seem as though we have at least four years’ worth of them.

List of new Star Wars games releasing through 2026

New Star Wars Game

As a reminder of what games are slated with the Star Wars license at the moment, here is a quick list with handy links to all our coverage:

The report says that sources with knowledge of Quantic Dream believe that Star Wars: Eclipse is a “development nightmare” as the studio’s engine is supposedly “inadequate for such a large-scale project.” It also notes that a Mandalorian game was teased by Xbox Era’s Nick Shpeshal (with a tweet that since been removed), though Henderson says that this is merely a rumor stemming from speculation.

While EA no longer has exclusivity over the Star Wars license, it did confirm earlier this year that Respawn Entertainment is in charge of three Star Wars games. Interestingly, none of them are Star Wars Battlefront III.

In other news, The Last of Us HBO teaser trailer will save who it can save, and E3 2023 dates have been confirmed with event returning under new management.

[Source: Insider Gaming]