E3 2023 Dates

E3 2023 Dates Confirmed, Event Returns Under New Management

Following the cancelation of this year’s event, E3’s future was uncertain. Shows like Summer Game Fest had popped up in its place, meaning E3 didn’t hold the monopoly on video game reveals that it once did. Despite that, next year’s show is confirmed! Here are the E3 2023 dates to add to your calendars.

E3 2023 dates confirmed

E3 2023 will take place through June 13-16.

June 13-15 will be “Business Days” and focused on industry pros, while June 15-16 will be “Gamer Days” and be open to the general public.

Business Days will welcome developers, publishers, distributors, and the gaming media to conduct their work. Pros will no doubt be happy to hear this, as dodging the public can add additional strain to an already stressful working environment.

Gamer Days will be enhanced by “spectacular booths” and a “dedicated theater offering deep-dive looks at highly anticipated titles.”

While the four days of E3 will officially begin on June 13, partnered digital events and showcases will precede the show starting on June 11.

It had already been announced that ReedPop, best known as the company behind PAX and Comic Con, would be taking over. Back in July, it announced that next year’s E3 would be “a week of titanic AAA reveals” and “earth-shaking world premieres.” Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype!