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Detroit: Become Human’s Original Controversial Content Partly Drove Sony Away From Quantic Dream – Report

Known and reliable industry insider Tom Henderson, who was one of the first ones to leak Quantic Dream’s upcoming Star Wars game, has shed some light on the relationship between Sony and the French developer. Quantic Dream’s partnership with Sony was at its peak at the time its hit PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain released, but reportedly came tumbling down as the studio delved into controversial content for Detroit: Become Human.

According to Henderson, Detroit: Become Human originally had four protagonists, one of which was a “whore” Android that featured “blond hair and huge boobs.” The protagonist came with controversial scenarios that sat outside Sony’s comfort zone, and partly contributed towards the company wrapping up its three-game deal with Quantic Dream “ASAP.”

At the time the deal ended, Quantic Dream was reportedly working on an open-world space game for Sony, codenamed Project Karma.

“The project was dubbed Project Karma and eventually turned to Project Solstice,” wrote Henderson. “The game had been in development for around two years. Project Karma/Solstice was eventually cancelled as Sony wanted their third and final title in collaboration with Quantic Dream to be on a Detroit: Become Human Kara demo that Quantic had created. Quantic Dream was also having game engine difficulties with an open-world game.”

Henderson can’t say if Project Karma/Solstice has been “morphed” into the rumored Star Wars project, but his sources suggest that the engine Quantic Dream was using back then cannot handle an open-world game.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about the Star Wars game.

[Source: Tom Henderson (Twitter)]