Kratos Invades District 9

December 22, 2009Written by Zak Islam

A few months back, Sony sent out emails to the lucky gamers with a voucher to download a playable God Of War 3 E3 demo. Sony also included a demo of the title in the God of War Collection. To those who didn’t receive one, there is still one more way you can bag yourself some Kratos chaos.

Gamers who were not fortunate enough to grab themselves a God Of War 3 demo code have yet another opportunity to get one. The District 9 Blu-Ray will be released on December 22nd, the movie will include a GOW3 demo ready for redemption. For those residing in the UK, don’t bother importing as Blu-Ray discs are region locked. Alternatively you can satisfy yourself by importing a God Of War Collection copy which includes a code or just wait for the European GOW collection.