Premium PSN Avatars Now Available

December 22, 2009Written by Zak Islam

Ever since the release of the PlayStation Network, users have been clamoring for new avatars. Who could blame them? The current offering is bland, boring, and not at all a good representation of the gamer behind the PSN ID and avatar. Today, PSN users across the globe’s prayers will be answered.

The unexpected has happened today when premium avatars appeared in the Hong Kong PlayStation Store. Next, the EU PlayStation Store has received the same premium LittleBigPlanet avatars. We could only suspect that the US PlayStation Store will be receiving them also since LBP content usually hits worldwide. Going by prices in other regions, it’s likely that they will be priced between $0.49-$0.99. Check out some of the options below.

  • Sackboy Avatar
  • Craft Earth Avatar
  • My Moon Avatar
  • Sky Avatar
  • Arrr! Avatar
  • Marvin Avatar
  • Gloria Avatar
  • Great Blue Avatar
  • Frost-E Avatar
  • Hugo Avatar
  • Lily Pad Avatar
  • Christmas Tree Avatar
  • Santa Avatar
  • Giftboy Avatar

Keep an eye out for them once the other region’s stores get updated later on today.