ModNation’s Track Studio Full of Design Capabilities

December 23, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack

The highly anticipated title ModNation Racers is currently under closed beta, and thousands of fans have had the opportunity to test out the sophisticated Track Studio for the first time since the game was announced. So far, thousands upon thousands of levels have been published, ranging from simple test tracks to more difficult layouts that have grown in popularity. The Track Studio has been easy for many to grasp, but the more advanced tools have yet to be utilised by even the more experienced modders.

Track Designer of ModNation Racers, Mark Riddell, recently showed off the advanced capabilities of the ModNation Racers Track Studio. The ability to change the complete dynamics of objects and fine-tune every last curve of the track are just some of the things that Mark Riddell explained in his short Track Studio Walkthrough. The possibilities of the Track Studio look endless, and nearly anything imaginable can be replicated within the game’s framework.

Check out the video of Mark Riddell’s Track Studio Walkthrough below, and let us know what you think!

[viddler id=bfc6a5db&w=545&h=349]